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Technology is Revolutionizing Transportation & Logistics

As supply chains expand their global reach, REVO continuously seeks new ways to increase flexibility, sustainability, and transparency. Emerging technology is critical to addressing those challenges and can lead to operational and financial benefits for leading supply chain businesses.

From initial product development to “last mile” delivery options, emerging technologies are making supply chains more efficient, productive, and cost-effective. Some benefits of technological innovation specific to the transportation and logistics industry include:

Improved Efficiency

Robotics, sensors, tracking software, and automation are some of the advancements used by logistics and supply chain companies to create a “touchless” supply chain infrastructure. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) algorithms, and advanced computer-based analytics and software help managers optimize processes and automate maintenance, improving efficiency across all segments.

Increased Visibility

Supply chain visibility improves with full product tracking from the manufacturer to the final delivery destination. Cloud-based communication systems, high-speed internet, advanced software, sensors, and other logistics technology services make end-to-end visibility possible for all stakeholders.

Reduced Costs

Technology that boosts productivity ultimately reduces costs while improving services. Sensor devices, tracking software, and barcoding technology reduce the need for human intervention and accentuate the role of information technology throughout the supply chain. In addition, software using AI and ML can optimize delivery routes, lower shipping times, and help logistics managers make decisions that lead to effective cost-reduction strategies.

Faster Delivery Times

Full automation, partial automation, robotics, and AI-enhanced tools that optimize routing can speed up transportation and improve service levels between segments. Sensors, tracking tools, and related logistics technology services monitor vehicles and traffic to provide faster routing options. Predictive analytics produced by AI and ML-powered software help mitigate risks, automate maintenance and increase the lifespan of vehicles and equipment. Are you looking to improve your supply chain? We can help. We provide capacity where you need it most.

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