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NEW HUB in San Bernardino, CA!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

REVO Truck Driver Jobs San Bernardino
REVO San Bernardino

REVO Group announced a new transportation hub in San Bernardino to support the city's increased demand and supply chain shortages. REVO Express & Freight divisions are set to provide access to a sizable asset-based fleet, regional logistics infrastructure, and new job opportunities.

REVO has partnered with global shippers and is eager to achieve a 3-year objective to stand up 100 trucks annually within the region. They expect to create 300 plus jobs and a direct economic impact on the community.

"San Bernardino is a strategic location for our company to grow within high-volume transportation corridors. The greater Ontario market is an exciting place to expand and serve a great community." - CEO Matthew Pabon.

For more information about this exciting new company and how you can be a part of what they have called the e-commerce revolution, visit:

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